Take Control of Document Management in Supply Chain and Logistics

The compilation and archiving from freight documentation are highly expensive and time-consuming activities for enterprises. It takes a massive coordinated effort between Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Transportation Management System (TMS) to monitor all supply chain records. When searching of key records from invoices, customs documentation or lading bills, not…

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Benefits of Back Office Transformation

Unlock the true potential of your operations with back office transformation using artificial intelligence Add value to your operations today with Workflow Automation, Business Intelligence, Searchable Enterprise Knowledge, Virtual Personal Assistance to further streamlining your process and increase the profitability of your enterprise. The cost of back office is often overlooked, and as a result,…

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Use Smart Inbox to increase profit margin

Freight Forwarding companies are managing high volume of transactions but are making marginal profits. With the rise of competition and digital offerings, it is becoming more difficult to meet the profit margins needed to grow in the freight forwarding industry. Therefore, business leaders are constantly on the lookout to new technological solutions to resolve their…

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